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Welcome to my website… 

This was once devoted exclusively to topics around web-based marketing and related activities.  But times and my own interests have changed, and so this new home page reflects those changes and makes it a bit easier for visitors to navigate a site that no longer has a single focus.

As the subtitle indicates, you’ll find two very distinct sorts of information here: on the right sidebar are links that will take you to articles I’ve written about web-based marketing, including online survey techniques and lead generation topics.  They represent a knowledge base derived from years of daily involvement in Internet marketing and market research. 

The left-hand sidebar is devoted to my current trade and passion – bread baking and related activities, such as viennoiserie. Baking, which has been a hobby of mine for nearly four decades, has trumped other passions I’ve followed in my life. On it you can follow my learnings as I document the triumphs, trials and tribulations of a journeyman baker . . . .  And there are plenty of all three! 

Other odds and ends, miscellany as it were, can be found on the left sidebar as well.

If these various subjects seem disconnected and utterly unrelated, well, perhaps they are. 

Or perhaps there’s a connection waiting to be discerned.