Boy Scouts of American Shame


I was a Boy Scout: an assistant Den Master in Cub Scouting, a Star Scout (two merit badges short of becoming a Life Scout, which is one level removed from the ultimate accomplishment of Eagle Scout), and an awardee of the God and Country medal, which required two years of religious instruction.  My father was a Boy Scout, and later, my Scoutmaster.

Much of the confidence I've relied upon when confronting difficult and demanding situations throughout my life came from lessons learned in Scouting.  I took it seriously and I've remained, up to this point, a fan of Scouting as a tried and true path to molding  boys into men.

But after recent revelations of the Organization's protracted and deliberate cover-up of pedophiles within its ranks in order to preserve its sanctified public image, I've come to the conclusion that the Boy Scouts of America is no friend to God nor Country...nor to Boys.

It has joined the ranks of the Roman Catholic Church as organizations willing to sacrifice those to whom it holds a sacred responsibility to protect  for the perceived greater good of its own self-image and standing.

And as if it needed to add insult to the injury of its rank moral hypocrisy, it continues to forbid gay boys who acknowledge their sexual orientation from participating in Scouting.

I am sending my badges, awards and Scouting paraphenalia I have kept and treasured for over 40 years to BSA's national headquarters, along with a letter explaining why I can neither defend, support nor associate myself with an organization which lost its moral compass a long time ago.

It's a damned shame.